Varosha becoming a political football: Ozersay

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Ozersay, commenting on the fenced off town of Varosha, said that although Greek Cypriot President Anastasiades knows that he will not get any results, he continues to press this issue. He added that the issue of Varosha has been turned into a political football, ‘Star Kibris’ reported.

Speaking at the ADA TV programme “Today’s Agenda” with Cansu Ormeci, Ozersay also said that they will evaluate the issue of opening new border crossing-points and they will examine the details in the coming days. He added: “The trouble is that the Greek Cypriot side currently pressure the Turkish Cypriots on the issues of education, art and sports, which feeds distrust. They even prevent us from getting in contact with international organisations. For me it is not a Confidence Building Measure (CBM), if it’s for the one side and not for the other. I don’t accept it. To bring the same proposal to the negotiating table again and again, how does one evaluate that?”

Commenting on Monday’s leaders’ meeting, Ozersay said that the Greek Cypriots forwarded some proposals although they were incomplete. He explained that their (TRNC’s) proposal was a road map outlining how the negotiations will proceed step by step to the referenda, saying that: “The Greek Cypriot side gave some ideas in general terms, but they did not put forward a complete proposal, [whereas] we proposed a road map.” Adding that these negotiations cannot proceed in an open-ended fashion, Ozersay repeated his view that open-ended negotiations will not go anywhere, so something should be done about it.

Referring to the subject of opening new border crossing-points, Ozersay said that the issue is not essential and that the crossing-points are not elements that will develop trust.

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