Maras/Varosha belongs to Evkaf

The fenced off city of Maras/Varosha is the property of the Evkaf, its general director Ibrahim Benter has said.

Speaking on radio, Benter argued that most of the properties owned by the Evkaf had been improperly and unlawfully handed over to others during the time of British colonial rule on the island.

“When the island was leased to the British in 1878, 14% of the properties on the island belonged to the Evkaf Administration. Today the total percentage of Vakif or Evkaf owned property has dropped to 6%. The area covering the closed city of Maras (Varosha) falls within that 14%”, Benter said.

Explaining that a number experts had carried out a study in 2009 to determine the number of Vakif owned properties, Benter said that the deal signed with the British in 1878 clearly stated that Evkaf properties could not be sold or transferred to others. “We have all the title deeds and legal documents to back up our claim” he argued.


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