Varosha will most likely be bulldozed

Speaker of the Greek Cypriot Assembly Yianakkis Omirou, has suggested that experts should be allowed into the fenced-off town of Varosha to assess the damage after 41-years of lying empty.

Abandoned by its Greek Cypriot inhabitants as they fled the advancing Turkish troops in the summer of 1974, Varosha has remained under Turkey’s direct control since that time.

Alan Weisman author of a book titled “A World Without Us”, had access to the town in 2009 and was able to get a feel for the damaged caused by 40 years of neglect.

He said that the general consensus of experts he interviewed was that Varosha will probably need to be bulldozed rather than renovated because of problems such as mould, metal fatigue and severe exposure to the elements.

“I’m not an engineer, I can only go by what the experts and people I spoke to say, including UN engineers who have been in there and looked at these buildings.

 The general analysis is pretty discouraging regarding Famagusta. Few people I spoke to thought any of those buildings you can see are structurally trustworthy anymore.

The place is in pretty bad shape, one of the things I didn’t mention in the book, which will be problematic, is the simple issue of mould.

Even in an arid climate like Cyprus, any rooms or basements that were sealed off have to be filled with mould – that stuff is almost impossible to clean out”, he said.

Famagusta Gazette



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