Village survey shows Annan Plan would not get ‘yes’ votes today

A unique survey regarding the property issue in the Cyprus negotiations, of the villagers of Yeni Erenkoy showed that 82% of the respondents did not want to become refugees again. When asked ‘In a possible solution would the people of Yeni Erenkoy agree to return to the Erenkoy region again?’ – 82% said they would not.

The survey of 289 households was carried out from 16-18th October. The results showed that 85% of the people who had once been refugees rejected being refugees again. Out of 766 villagers, 41% were Greek Cypriot, 53% were Turkish Cypriot and 6% were mainland Turks. 85% of those in the village were the original owners of the properties, whilst 14% of the homes belonged to someone else. 83% of the homes were built before 1974; 67% had properties in the south and 80% of them had exchanged these for equivalent properties.

A remarkable response to the survey shows that if the Annan plan was brought to the table again today, 84% would reject it. However 53% of those who took part in the survey said they voted for President Akinci in the second round of the presidential elections.

87% wanted Turkey to maintain its guarantor status and 85% wanted the Turkish army to remain as they were.

92% said they definitely rejected the return of Guzelyurt to the Greek Cypriots and 96% also rejected the return of Karpaz.

Whilst the people of Yeni Erenkoy reject the idea of property and right to return, a majority of 83% said that all TRNC citizens should become citizens of the new state irrespective of their birthplace.

60% responded positively to rotating presidency and 90% said Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots should have separate sovereignties.

Alongside the survey, a letter containing 750 signatures was sent to President Akinci stating that they did not want to be refugees again and insisted that primary right to property should belong to the Turkish Cypriots because of the problems they had encountered with the Greek Cypriots since 1963. The same letter was sent on to the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Turkish Embassy, Turkish Cypriot Peacekeeping Forces, the Turkish Armed Security Forces and political parties.

Kibris Postasi

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