Violence Against Women And Children Increased

North Cyprus News - Woman - ViolenceActs of violence against women and children, including verbal and physical violence has increased in the last month, Yeniduzen reported.

In the last month, nine women, six men and one child were subjected to violence. It is reported that violence between men is caused by disagreements or acts of theft. Violence against women by men is, in part, caused by an inability for support family, infidelity or accusations of infidelity and demands for money.

The article points out that a great deal of stress in society has been caused by the pandemic. People’s incomes have suffered, anxiety about the future and the strain of being cloistered together during lockdowns have increased violent acts.

One particular issue stands out. Women and children who have been subjected to violence have had no place to go. The lack of women’s shelters in the country contributes to the figures.

Members of another group who have suffered abuse are the LGBT community. Many have been too embarrassed to report the violence or abuse they have received for fear of being exposed. 

Root Causes Of Violence

Expert Psychologist Eşmen Tatlıcalı, says that the reasons for the increasing violence in the society in recent days are the inadequacy of the penal system, rehabilitation centres and preventive programmes. Additionally there are no studies on prevention of violence and the increased crime rate in the country.

Tatlıcalı said: “It is known that those who are exposed to violence and those who witness violence inflict violence on others and cause the cycle of violence to continue in society. Especially the way the news of violence is published in the media causes the violence to be normalised. Apart from the media, TV series also contribute to this violence. On the other hand, the language of ‘anger and violence’ used by our leaders also affects people’s perception management”. 

In November 2020, Anadolu Agency compiled World Bank statistics on the occasion of November 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, defining the violence as a “global epidemic” which affects one out of every three women.

Global Issues Of Violence

In November 2020, Anadolou Agency published an article on the subject. An excerpt from the article reads as follows: “Worldwide, 35% of women are subjected to physical and/or sexual violence by their partner, while 38% of women’s murders are carried out by their partner.

An average of 137 women per day are murdered by a family member, while less than 40% of women who suffer violence seek help.

About 49% of human trafficking victims are women, while with the inclusion of young girls, this figure rises to 72%”.

These rates reflect the developed world and less developed countries.

Yeniduzen, AA News Agency

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