Vital Investment to be cut to Degirmenlik

The mayor of Degirmenlik, Osman Isisal is up in arms about the proposed abolition of the TL 5 per passenger levy at Ercan. This levy was passed on to his council and amounted to TL 5 -6 million per year.

With a population of 15,000, Degirmenlik’s plans for major infrastructure improvements will be severely impacted as they will no longer be able to afford to carry out the proposed works.

The politics behind the levy is that the mayor of Degirmenlik is a CTP party member and this levy was imposed while the CTP were in government.

Now the UBP is running the country, they do not see any sense in giving the levy to a CTP run council.

This move is a convenient reduction in levies to help keep the airlines calm following all the recent price hikes at Ercan airport.

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