Volunteers clean up beach for turtle release

Volunteers from three branches of the Lions Club joined forces for a beach sweep at the EMU Beach Club last Friday.
The project was to clean up the beach in preparation for the release of newly hatched baby Caretta caretta sea turtles.

Volunteers who took part were from the Mağusa Kale, Mağusa Mesarya and Girne Akdeniz Lions Club. In addition, young people from the SOS Children’s Village, Inönü İKSAD joined in the effort.

Secretary of Mağusa Kale Lions Club Meyrem Dana told LGC News that everyone had a happy and fun day and that they also encouraged tourists and summer students to pitch in and help with the sweep.

Having cleaned up the beach to a satisfactory standard, the volunteers were joined by Professor Burak Ali Çiçek and his team from the Eastern Mediterranean University Underwater Biologists team to release the newly hatched sea turtles to the sea.North Cyprus News - baby turtles

Caretta caretta sea turtles are under threat of extinction and are protected by many associations on the island. The beginning of a great adventure for each turtle was amazing to witness. The children and adults were delighted as they watched the moment each turtle took itself off to sea.

This activity is just one of many annual events held by the Lions Club*.

*The Lions Club has 13 branches in the TRNC and has been a member of the International Lions Club since 1997.

Club volunteers serve the community in many ways by helping young and old, offering assistance in health care and protecting the environment.

Lions Club plan and organise fund raising events and then use the money raised to help in a variety of ways. For example the club has donated a lot of medical equipment to the state hospitals. Made and decorated a nursing room for breastfeeding mothers. Paid frequent visits to old people’s homes, bringing gifts and organising a party for them. The club has even treated them to a day’s pampering by bringing in barbers and hairdressers.

Lions Club also holds an annual sports days for kids and a Peace Poster competition. They help with aid for the disadvantaged. University grants given. School uniform, shoes, books etc have been provided. The club also gives seminars on drugs diabetes and cancer. Their latest activity was the beach sweep.

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