Voter Turnout Doubles at Lunchtime: UPDATED

North Cyprus News - Vote - Ballot BoxThe Supreme Election Board (YSK) announced the voting rate was 30.17% as of 1pm.

At 11am, the rate was 13.51%. According to results at 1pm, the highest participation was Lefke and the lowest in Kyrenia.

The participation rate by district was the following at noon:

Nicosia: 30.77%

Famagusta: 29.18%

Kyrenia: 29%

Guzelyurt: 29.30%

Iskele: 30.95%

Lefke: 31.82%

Overall, participation in the elections by 1pm was 30.17 percent.

UPDATE: Voter turnout at 3pm today went up to 46.31 percent. During the first round only 58.29 percent voted, making it the lowest recorded turnout for the presidential elections.


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