Wanted Welsh criminal hiding out in TRNC

Drug trafficker, conman and fugitive, Martin Evans, is believed to be living in the TRNC. Evans (50), who escaped from the UK while on weekend leave from prison last November, absconded after serving six years of a 21 year prison sentence.

He set up an ostrich farm in Swansea in 1996 and then conned £800,000 out of investors and put the money into offshore accounts in the Channel Islands and the Bahamas. Evans and his wife, Esther, were charged, following which he skipped bail, and ran off with his mistress to Spain. It is thought that he had made around £39m from drug trafficking and fraud including online scams.

In the 1980s Evans won the Welsh Young Businessman of the Year title whilst running a double-glazing firm in Neath, however, the business later folded. His illegitimate activities have now made him a subject of the Crimestoppers campaign – known as Operation Zygos. On discovering this fact, Evans fled his house in Alsancak and is now thought to be somewhere in the Lapta area.

Evans is described as being 5ft 11ins with stocky build, blue eyes and short brown greying hair. He speaks with a Welsh accent and has a tattoo on his right arm sporting the word “Me”. He is now on a ‘most wanted’ list of nine other felons on the run in Cyprus.

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