Wastewater flowing into Alakopru Dam

Turkish daily Zaman reports that wastewater from three neighbourhoods in Mersin’s Anamur district is flowing into the Alakopru Dam, one of the dams constructed to feed Turkey’s water pipeline to North Cyprus.

“The Akine, Sarıağaç and Ormancık neighbourhoods have a damaged water purification system. In other words, wastewater is being deposited into the reservoir of the dam that carries water to the KKTC,” Turgut Aybak, the president of the Mersin Waterworks Authority (MESKİ), said during a provincial coordination committee meeting.

The pipeline was designed to supply around 2.6 billion cubic feet (75 million cubic meters) of water annually, enough to meet the TRNC’s irrigation and drinking water needs for half a century. Nearly 2.4 cubic meters of water is transferred per second from Anamur into the Gecitkoy reservoir in North Cyprus.


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