Water admin row continues while water runs into the sea

The row between Turkey and the TRNC over who should manage water distribution continues. In the meanwhile, water which is conveyed by undersea pipelines from the Turkish mainland is running into the sea.

Minister for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Erkut Sahali says that no agreement with Turkey has been reached yet. He also noted that there is no pressure or threat by Turkey regarding the administration of the water. An agreement which suits both sides will be reached, he said.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis,’ it has not been decided who will pay for the electricity used by Guzelyali pumping station and the dam at Gecitkoy. There is no clear strategy on the subject of water administration, the paper writes. Because of increasing costs, Turkey’s State Hydraulic Works (DSI) has decided to allow water conveyed to Guzelyali to pour into the sea, stating that the system is being tested.

The newspaper writes that DSI paid the electricity costs which were around 2 million TL, for two months. In order to reduce the costs, the pumping station has stopped pumping the water and the water as it comes from Turkey, flows directly to the sea.

In addition, the CTP/UBP coalition government has not found any middle ground on the water issue. Prime Minister Omer Kalyoncu did not pay a planned visit to Turkey last week, to discuss the water administration issue, saying that he needed to be present in the TRNC for budget debates.


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