Water dispute divides government

The fate of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and the National Unity Party (UBP) coalition government will be determined at the meeting of the Council of Ministers which was held on Wednesday and at a meeting of the UBP’s party council to be held on Friday.

Halkin Sesi reported that the UBP will ask Prime Minister Kalyoncu to sign the agreement with Turkey on who will manage the water and collect revenues. Kalyoncu has been accused of dithering and creating confusion amongst the ministers. UBP General Secretary, Dursun Oguz alleged Kalyoncu’s stance is damaging the government and the country and prevents reforms. He argued that Kalyoncu now rejects something which he had accepted in the past on the water issue. “The zigzags of the prime minister put his own ministers into a difficult position”, he said.

Noting that the“water crisis has almost brought the government to an end”, Kibris Gazetesi writes that CTP chairman, Mehmet Ali Talat said yesterday that their party and government are continuously working to develop formulas which will secure the administration and operation of the water in the most effective manner. Talat noted that they will continue their efforts in any event and added that the CTP does not have to be in government in order to exist and offer its services to the people.

It also reported that Minister of Agriculture, Erkut Sahali, (CTP) said yesterday that he was considering resigning due to the water crisis, but he is not avoiding responsibility during such a difficult period and will remain in his post. In statements during a television program, Sahali noted that if it is thought that his resignation would be a solution for the existing problems, he prefers to be removed from his duties. Sahali argued that if the government is unable to carry out its duties, then Prime Minister Kalyoncu who is heading the coalition is the one who should resign.

Kibris Postasi, Halkin Sesi,

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