Water from Turkish project reaches Nicosia

Turkish President Erdogan arrived in the TRNC to attend the inauguration ceremony for the Project of the Century at Gecitkoy. Also present were President Akinci, Speaker of the House Siber, Prime Minister Kalyoncu and other officials.

The Turkish Cypriot Minister for Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food Onder Sennaroglu speaking at the ceremony said today was an historic day and the fact that Turkey was sharing this water with the Turkish Cypriots side showed how they were valued.

At the Gecitkoy ceremony, Prime Minister Kalyoncu speaking said that the project was an example of cooperation between Turkey and the TRNC and one carried out with advanced technology. Kalyoncu said the government faced the job of managing the water; he said this water was valuable and it must not be wasted. Taking all this into account, the government would be working with the Turkish Water Authorities to that end.

President Akinci also speaking at the event said that it was important that the Turkish Cypriot authorities managed the water whilst Turkish President Erdogan said that a productive structure was guaranteed for the Turkish Cypriots.

Following Erdogan’s speech at Gecitkoy, he, Akinci, Siber and the other ministers inaugurated the project together. On the hearing the news that the water had reached Nicosia, Erdogan at the end of the ceremony said “use it in good health”.

Kibris Postasi

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