Water management issue could create a crisis: Talat

Leader of the CTP-DG Mehmet Ali Talat has warned that if Turkey continues to insist on the privatisation of water management, there may be a crisis. “A possible crisis about the water management may occur and it is not known how this will reflect on the government”, said Talat.

Stressing the need for the BESKI Company which was formed by the local councils to manage the water from Turkey until the water is stored, Talat said that the councils had the legal right to be responsible for the distribution of the water.

Noting that in the government programme it is clearly recorded that the management of the water will be undertaken by the “autonomous water authority”, Talat said that they have prepared a draft of an inter-governmental agreement regarding this issue. Stating that this draft should become legal in the process to follow, Talat added that during the forthcoming negotiations with Turkey, the price of water and who will be responsible for the management will be determined.

Kibris Gazetesi

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