Water Management Neglected by Previous Government

The water from Turkey as well as local water resources and waste water management will be under the authority of the Water Board, the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Erkut Şahali has said.

Şahali told BRT that the Department of Waterworks will not be determining policy but will only be in charge of implementing water policies to be made by the Water Board.

North Cyprus News - Farm irrigationHe said that the main goal was to create a sustainable water management system in the country, adding that the technical committee had already started working on the technical aspects.

Minister Şahali who pointed out that they had fallen behind on the planning for the project, said that no significant work on establishing an efficient water management system had been carried out since March 2016.

The only work that was carried out was by the Union of Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects. There is no data in the state database which can be used as a reference. Let alone fulfilling its own obligations, the State failed to carry out the support requested by the Turkish State Waterworks”, he said.

Şahali added that some of the projects were undertaken by Turkey because the TRNC had failed to fulfil its own obligations.


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