Water project completes in November

If weather conditions permit, the Turkish/TRNC water supply project should be completed by the end of November, Turkish Cypriot Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hamit Bakırcı, has said, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

He noted that the placing of the pipes that will provide water to the island is continuing and that the first area to get access to the water will be Nicosia, with water reaching to the furthest point – Karpaz in 2015.

Speaking to BRT about the current state of the project, Bakırcı said that dam pumping stations in Turkey and in North Cyprus have been completed and that 80% of the refinement plant built for the Gecitkoy dam is completed.

Bakırcı stated that continuing the undersea pipe laying was dependent on weather conditions and that 5200 metres of the route had been placed on the base of the sea on the North Cyprus side, while approximately 8.5 Kilometres has been laid on the Turkish side.

Hamit Bakırcı said: “Currently the tests of the pipes are taking place. Following the completion of the pipes the installation of cut strapped pipes are going to begin. After the start of this, in relation to the sea conditions it will be finalised in 75 working days.”

The weight blocks that are required for the installation of the cut strapped pipes have been lowered into the sea and buoys have been tied to them, stated Bakırcı, saying; “Only the installation of 500 metres of pipes remain.”

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