Water Spout Creates Havoc in Yenierenkoy

A water spout which arrived inland at Yenierenköy at 9.30 pm on Tuesday, has caused damage to property and killed farm animals.

North Cyprus News - Damage in Yenierenkoy water spout damage

According to a police press office statement, a number of domestic water tanks were damaged, roofs, fences and trees were ripped up by the wind. Some farm animals were killed when the roof of the shed they were sheltering in toppled onto them.

Municipal and police teams began a rescue operation.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior of the TRNC social media account shared a warning to residents in the Karpaz region.

It said that there had been heavy rain and hail in Erenköy on Tuesday. In addition, due to the bad weather conditions, the new Erenköy- Dipkarpaz road had ice on the road.

Works are underway to re-open the road to traffic again.

The residents of the region are asked not to use these roads unless unavoidable, the notice read.


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