Water from Turkey should arrive in Autumn: Hursoz

Work to complete the infrastructure for the water to be transported from Turkey to the TRNC by undersea pipeline continues and the cost of water from Turkey will be no higher than the price paid today, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Turgay Hursoz, director of the Department for Water Supplies stated that 45 km out of the 63.8 kilometre-long pipeline has been completed.

Hursoz said that the water from Turkey will arrive in September or October. He said that the work on the Turkish shore and the TRNC was completed and added that they are waiting for the weather to improve in order for the undersea pipeline to be completed.

He noted that 80% of the pipelines in Nicosia were completed and that 98% of the network had been renovated. The director added that the reservoirs which will supply North Nicosia are about to be completed.

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