Water from Turkey expected in North Cyprus in May

The Governor of Mersin Ozdemir Cakacak, accompanied by the Vice-General Director of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) Guven Karacuha and the Director of the Anamur Department of DSI Ali Cakmak, has inspected piping from the Alakopru dam in Anamur district, which was built to supply water to North Cyprus, Turkish daily ‘Vatan’ reports.

Karacuha stated that the terrestrial part of the project had been completed and when work to secure water pipes over a distance of 10.5 km at sea is finished, water from Alakopru will start to flow to the TRNC in May 2015.

Meanwhile, during the inspection works, local residents, who had to evacuate their homes for the construction of the dam held a protest, demanding new houses, free of charge.

Earlier reports said that the occupants of four villages in the area were to be re-housed as their homes would be submerged by the new dam.

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