We must rely on ourselves now: Denktaş

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş speaking after the failure of the Cyprus Conference to achieve an agreement on the terms of reunifying Cyprus said:

“We are entering a situation where we will need each other the most. We should at least have seen that nothing could ever be achieved by blaming our own team. The Greek Cypriots, once again proved that they did not intend to share anything with us. Believing in Greek news, we only serve their propaganda.

In my opinion, Mr. President and his team may have been more than compromised. For this reason, instead of blaming them, I prefer to put my mind ahead to the stage of a referendum. The fact that the process of settlement, that has been occupying us for years, has not been achieved, has emerged with the same result.

Let’s look ahead without waiting for the mercy or initiative of anyone. Internal politics can criticise each other, but it is time to unite against the outside.”

Star Kibris

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