We will never give up Guzelyurt: Ozgurgun

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has said that Guzelyurt will never be returned to the Greek Cypriots and that the TRNC will continue investing in the area. In an interview with Turkish Cypriot Diyalog TV, Ozgurgun argued that territorial adjustments could be discussed in an agreement, but underlined that neither Guzelyurt nor any other part of the TRNC could become an issue of debate.

Ozgurgun noted that the issue of Guzelyurt becoming an “area of special status” was not up for discussion, that there had been many changes since 2004 when the Greek Cypriots rejected the Annan Plan. They will not wait forever for the Greek Cypriots to say “yes” and that they could not leave the development of Guzelyurt in limbo

He also stated the following: “If there is to be an agreement, border adjustments could be part of the agreement. There is a buffer zone of 128 kilometres. The buffer zone will be cleared. Territorial and border adjustments could be discussed. However, our people cannot be told to leave the place they had settled and earn their living ‘and become refugees once more’. There could be no bargaining on this issue. Guzelyurt could never be given up. Our investments in Guzelyurt will continue. Guzelyurt is and will continue to be TRNC territory.

Ozgurgun argued that the Turkish Cypriots have the power to resist and that those who believe that they resist because of Turkey’s  presence on the island are wrong. “The Turkish Cypriot people take strength from motherland Turkey. They are an indispensable part of the great Turkish nation with motherland Turkey, but they have the strength to exhibit resistance by their own and they have proved this”, he claimed and added that they will not allow some circles to send Turkey away and rule over the Turkish Cypriot people.


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