Weekly Police Report of Road Traffic Accidents

Last week, 26 people were injured in 68 traffic accidents in North Cyprus. According to the weekly police traffic report, the cost of property damage caused by accidents that occurred between 4-10 November totalled 449,000 TL.

North Cyprus News - Traffic policeCauses of traffic accidents were; speeding (22), failing to stop at an intersection (16), driving too close to the vehicle in front (12), careless driving (9) and other factors (8).

The number of accidents last week were; 26 in Nicosia, 15 in Kyrenia, 14 in Famagusta, Güzelyurt 9 and 4 traffic accidents in Iskele.

On the other hand, in the same period of traffic controls carried out throughout the country, 6,702 vehicle drivers were monitored by police.

Of those, 134 drivers against were charged with speeding, 10 for dangerous driving, 29 driving without due care and attention, 175 were driving unlicensed vehicles, 23 were driving without a driving license, 37 were driving under the influence of alcoholic, 117 driving a vehicle while using a mobile phone, 112 failed to obey traffic signals and signs, 6 failing to obey traffic lights, 57 driving untested vehicles, 51 to driving uninsured, 23 using A roads when unauthorised, 7 private businesses driving an unauthorised vehicle, 2 motorcyclists riding without helmets and 276 other reported traffic offences.

Kibris News Agency

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