Wet weather dislodging landmines in buffer zone

UNFICYP has issued a warning to the public to be aware that heavy rain has caused the position of mines in known minefields to shift. It said that it was working quickly to fence off any affected areas.

The buffer zone in Mammara is thought to be particularly hazardous.

“Mines present a danger to persons travelling by foot and by vehicle and members of the public should be aware that not all minefields along the buffer zone are fenced completely or marked with mine signs,” UNFICYP said.

In addition, UNFICYP is warning members of the public on both sides of the ceasefire line that if they come across any markers as shown above, they should leave the area immediately.

“Members of the public are requested to respect mine signs in the buffer zone and to comply with UNFICYP’s instructions. They can report suspicious objects seen in the buffer zone immediately on the contact numbers listed below. “Please do not approach or touch suspicious objects,” UNFICYP said.

Also, as part of routine safety procedures inside the buffer zone, members of the public are advised to ensure that they have up-to-date permits for their activities.

“They are further reminded that hunting and other unauthorised activities in the buffer zone are prohibited. Armed hunters are at risk of drawing fire from either of the opposing forces, and hunters wearing camouflage apparel and carrying guns can be easily mistaken for soldiers,” the statement said.

UNFICYP contact telephone numbers: Once you are connected to the Mission Directory, please dial ‘0’ to speak with the Operations Centre.

From north by landline: 601 4000

From north by mobile: 0392 601 4000

From south: 22 614000

Source Cyprus Mail

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