What happens in Turkey will happen in the TRNC: Akdag

In North Cyprus, they should be ready for a change in every field. The community should get ready for this”, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Cyprus Affairs Recep Akdag said.

Akdag who was speaking to the media at a working breakfast at the Turkish embassy in North Nicosia on Tuesday, noted that he would strive for the development of the Turkish Cypriot people in every field. “The steps in this process should be always taken together”, he said.

Noting that the Cyprus talks had not yielded any results, Akdag said: “It is high time to build a new future”. He added that “the role of the media to prepare the community for the change is tremendous”.

A TRNC senior official told Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’ that while Akdag was saying that the protocols and the mutual agreements which were signed between Turkey and the TRNC should be finalised, he added that “the development which is going on in Turkey, will also happen in the TRNC”.

Akdag further said that the relations between Turkey and the TRNC are invaluable and the latter’s security and peace is of outmost importance to Ankara. Akdag stressed that “Turkey considers the Turkish Cypriots as an indispensable part of itself  and therefore the TRNC’s security, peace and welfare is important to them”.

Explaining that that Turkey want to further develop the TRNC, Akdag said that “the per capita income is 14 thousand dollars in the TRNC and they want it to become 20 thousand dollars”. Akdag noted that apart from the spending amount, there are 540 million TL resources earmarked for North Cyprus in 2017, adding that the primary object of this resource is to be used for productive projects in the TRNC.

According to Turkish daily ‘Sabah’, Akdag pointed out that “a number of projects toward reaching a peaceful solution have been carried out as part of a TL 3.5-billion ($1.01 billion) deal between Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots over a two-year period” and added that “all these efforts aim to meet the TRNC’s demand for infrastructure”. He further said that the two countries have jointly been working on a number of projects in various fields including health, roads and communications.

According to Milliyet, Akdag, replying to a question regarding the high price of electricity in the north, said that work for transferring electricity from Turkey is continuing at high speed.

Milliyet, Sabah

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