What makes North Cyprus a popular holiday destination?

North Cyprus, otherwise known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is fast becoming a very popular holiday destination. As it is a fairly new favourite, most of the country remains unspoilt by tourism so most towns and cities have a very traditional, authentic atmosphere. The country is steeped in history which makes it a favourite with site-seers.

North Cyprus is a unique holiday destination as it boasts such a variety of landscapes and coastal scenery. Firstly, in the backdrop, visitors will notice a large stretch of mountains called the Five Finger Mountains. They are a favourite with tourists because they provide such stunning hotel views, as well as being an exciting place for an excursion. Secondly, you have the vibrant towns and cities such as its capital, Nicosia, and vibrant Kyrenia. Kyrenia is popular for its authentic restaurants and exciting nightlife, particularly around its harbour area. Finally, the northern perimeter is flooded with stunning sandy beaches, some belonging to local hotels. Many beaches host an array of water sports which are very popular with tourists. Another popular tourist activity is turtle watching, something which is quite unique to the area.

North Cyprus is rich in its history, which is evident from its abundance of historical sites, including Bellapais Abbey, the Salamis ruins and Kyrenia Castle. The area also boasts some impressive architecture.

There’s a wide variety of hotels and apartments to choose from in North Cyprus. Tourists can opt for smaller, boutique hotels where high levels of customer service are a priority, or larger establishments which offer fantastic facilities, including spas and casinos. Wherever visitors choose to stay, they are guaranteed to have a holiday to remember.

Article kindly supplied by Go North Cyprus.



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