What next for the TRNC?

President Mustafa Akinci should stop reiterating that the Cyprus problem cannot continue for another 50 years, because this expression has been used for years and its reiteration has made him think that in his subconscious “something will be served up” to the Turkish Cypriot community, journalist for Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi Gokhan Altiner writes.

“Will this be a prickly pear or a fig? This is another issue”, he notes, wondering how the situation in Cyprus will continue, if “it cannot continue in this manner for another 50 years”.

“Has Akinci become an opponent of the solution and we do not know about this”, he asks adding: “Is this possible? It is not of course. It is contrary to Akinci’s philosophy of life, but it is not contrary to Ankara’s [philosophy of life]. Let’s be honest now: Let’s say that the Greek Cypriots do not want a solution. Does Ankara want a solution that much? It is obvious that behind closed doors something has been said to Akinci and the president says that ‘this issue cannot continue like this for another 50 years. How then will it continue?

“The president should announce this as well. We know that this is not annexation. Very well, what is it? The TRNC will live forever!!! I do not think so. Some things are being cooked up somewhere. It is understood that the president is preparing his people for a new order of things. Let us say that I am wrong. If I am wrong, what is lying under the president’s messages of separation, secession? […]”

Kibris Postasi

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