What was Nicosia Council Advertising?

With the elections for Nicosia Council mayor fast approaching, there have been a number of startling allegations about the previous regime under Mayor Cemal Bulutoglulari.

The latest expose relates to the huge sums that were paid to the media for advertising fees, during the period 2009-2011, though it is hard to see how these were justified.

Some of the largest fees went to ‘Kibrisli’ which was paid TL 242 thousand.

Genc TV received TL 244 thousand

‘Volkan’ newspaper which has one of the lowest circulation numbers in the TRNC received TL 123 thousand.

The United Media Group which includes ‘Yeniduzen’ newspaper and SIM TV received TL 113 thousand.

Star Media Group owned by businessman Ali Safa has one of the lowest circulation figures in the TRNC, but still managed to bag fees of TL 104 thousand.

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