What’s in the agreements with Anastasiades?

Serdar Denktas, leader of the Democratic Party/National Forces (DP-UG), has called on President Mustafa Akinci to disclose all the details which have been agreed with President Anastasiades in the Cyprus negotiations.

Speaking to the Assembly, Denktas referred to the Cyprus negotiations and raised the issue of the disclosure of the minutes of the Greek Cypriot National Council on 9 March, by the leader of the Socialist Party EDEK, Marinos Sizopoulos.

Referring to Akinci, Denktas said :

“They should urgently announce together with Anastasiades everything on which agreement is reached and not tell us one thing and different things to the Greek Cypriot side. If Anastasiades is not willing to agree on this, Akinci is in the position to share all the details of the agreements. This is an obligation by the president to his people. Let us know what is happening before it is too late, what the agreements are, so that we raise our voice as the people”.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Gunes newspaper reports that Huseyin Ozgurgun, leader of the National Unity Party (UBP), has called on President Akinci to clarify the points of consensus in the negotiations, which the chairman of EDEK alleged that Akinci had reached with President Anastasiades. In a written statement issued yesterday, Ozgurgun said:

“The statement by Anastasiades, who described as ‘unacceptable’ the disclosure of the minutes of the National Council by Sizopoulos and reacted strongly to this, saying that this action gives a trump card to the Turkish side, is far from being sincere and aims to deceive. The fact that the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades has not denied the achievement of agreements on various issues en route to the solution, has not escaped our attention.

In this situation, starting from the reality that the Turkish Cypriot people have the right to know the truth regarding their fate from the president, who is assigned with the duty of protecting their rights and interests, as the UBP, we urgently demand that he clarifies the issues on which consensus has allegedly been reached and ease the minds of the people”.

Demokrat Bakis, Gunes

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