Nicosia council workers want Social Security paid

Savas Bozat, head of BES, the council workers’ union, has appeared in court for two separate court cases today.

The first case is against the Provident Fund and Social insurance Institutions. BES is suing them because there were no payments made by Nicosia Council for his members. The union maintains that these institutions should have been chasing Nicosia council to make these payments but had not done so. These matters had been continuing since 2007, so they are hoping to resolve them legally.

Mr Bozat pointed out that there was some TL 47 million involved and that under the Social Security Act, there could be punishments of up to 2 years for each employee where contributions had been withheld.

The second case involves a decision by the Council of Ministers to approve a loan from Cangar Finance Ltd. to Nicosia Council for TL 10 million. BES maintains that this approval was illegal.

The second case has been postponed.


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