Who leads negotiations for South not important: Talat

Speaking in a television interview yesterday, former Turkish Cypriot president Mehmet Ali Talat said that who the Greek Cypriot negotiator will be was unimportant and added that the stance of the negotiator will be determined by instructions given by President Anastasiades. Talat argued that the framework drawn by President Anastasiades will be important.

Noting that the Cyprus negotiations could recommence in October, Talat also accused the Greek Cypriot press of instigating “war” adding that the media in South Cyprus is generally “against peaceWithin this context, no one should be surprised that they declared Downer as persona non grata”, he said.

Talat continued that the Greek Cypriots want to meet directly with Turkey and alleged that this approach “contributes to those who do not want a solution and it is an unacceptable approach for those who want a solution”.

Talat added that the Cyprus problem does not derive from the presence of the Turkish army on the island and stated that the existence of the Turkish army in Cyprus derives from the Cyprus problem. “The Cyprus problem will be discussed and solved between both sides of the island. Let the Greek Cypriot side not try to show as reality the world of its dreams”, he stated.

Referring to the Gezi Park incidents in Istanbul, Talat said that it was proved once more that nothing could be done without the people and described the use of force as “saddening”. Talat noted that it was not right to reject criticism that comes from international institutions such as the European Parliament.

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