Why are TRNC driving licenses so expensive?

When we refer to petrol, energy, electronic devices, we are always accustomed to using the most expensive things in the world. This list now includes our driving license.

Getting a driving license in the TRNC is expensive. Even a student license costs 223 TL. A 2-year driver’s license is 223.50 TL. In Southern Cyprus, a driver’s license can be obtained by paying 140 TL (40Euros) up to the of of 65. It’s free after that.

People are wondering why past governments have adopted a number of laws to harmonise with the EU and have not taken a step in this direction regarding licenses.

A 5-year driver’s license could be purchased for 2.5 TL 21 years ago, but today it can cost up to 457.50 TL.

In 2002, when 10 year licenses started to be issued, the cost was 170 TL, which increased 344 percent 12 years on to 755 TL.

Those obtaining a driver’s license for the first time now pay 223.50 TL, a 2 year license is 223.50 TL, 3 year driving license 303.00 TL, 5 year driving license 457.50 TL and 10 years 755.00 TL.


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