Why not bring in a Turkish governor as well?

Cemal Ozyigit, leader of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), has said that the only thing missing from the reform package which caused the collapse of the TRNC government is the appointment of a “governor”. In statements to ‘Yeni Bakis’, Ozyigit noted: “If all institutions and organisations are to be given away, if the judiciary is also included, a governor should be brought over and the job will be finished. There is no place for Abdulhamit’s laws in this country”.

Ozyigit said that if some people are looking for someone to sign the economic protocol with idea of “let us take the money and distribute it” and if their aim is to give away the electricity authority, the telecommunications and the ports, leaving the employees without a trade union and forcing them to migrate, the TDP will not participate in “such a scenario”.

Noting that the TDP will not take part in a coalition which will mortgage the future of the Turkish Cypriots, Ozyigit pointed out that if his party did join the new coalition, a “way out programme” and not “an economic package” should be prepared for the development of the country.

Yeni Bakis

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