We will not forget North Cyprus: Erdogan

President Dervis Eroglu, President of the Assembly Sibel Siber, Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu, welcomed President Erdogan at Ercan Airport, along with a crowd of sightseers, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Passengers who wanted to use the airport faced problems as cars were not permitted near the terminal.

President Eroglu, in a speech he made at Ercan Airport when President Erdogan arrived said:

 “There have been times when he (Erdogan) has visited North Cyprus as a prime minister. For the first time he is coming to North Cyprus as the president who was elected by the people and he is carrying out his first official visit to North Cyprus. My hopes are that everyone will take a message from Erdogan’s visit.”

President Erdogan addressed the crowd who welcomed him at Ercan Airport.

Some of the highlights from Erdogan’s speech are follows:

“As usual after being elected as the president during the 10th of August presidential elections I am conducting my first official visit to North Cyprus, and therefore I am starting this official, diplomatic period with North Cyprus. This re-joining today is as meaningful as a re-joining of a mother and a child. Tomorrow, God willing, my journey is to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan too is a place where to fulfil our duty after every presidential and Prime Ministerial election. With the meeting we are going to have with Mr Eroğlu, the opposition leader, President of the Assembly and the General Assembly of the parliament, we will discuss North Cyprus’s confidence within the international community.”

 “Ahead of us, within this week we have the NATO summit. At the end of the month we have the UN General Assembly. Cyprus and these meetings are again an important agenda points for us. I would like to thank on behalf of myself and my people for the courtesy that has been shown. Forgetting North Cyprus is out of question for us. God willing, I think that within 2 months, water through under sea pipes will reach North Cyprus from Turkey. The dams have been completed! Now, God willing the water will be transferred. With the water, God willing, electricity will also arrive via underwater pipes. There are no longer going to be cuts. I believe that when South Cyprus will be in need they will take note of the steps we have taken and will receive the message of peace. Especially as guarantor countries, Greece like Turkey should fulfil its duty. If Greece does fulfil its duty, I believe that it will not be long before the Cyprus problem will be solved.”

This afternoon, President Erdogan visited Dr Kucuk burial Monument and left a wreath.

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