With UN guarantees Cyprus will become another Syria: Talat

The two community leaders should continue with a new process in the Cyprus negotiations after “combining into one package” all issues which remain unresolved so far, former TRNC President Mehmet Ali Talat has said.

Speaking after the collapse of the Cyprus negotiations held in Mont Pèlerin, Switzerland, he said:

“The rotating presidency, the issue of effective participation and other essential issues like territory and security should be put into one package. In order to do this, ties with Turkey should be improved. This preparatory work should be done together with Turkey. All issues that remain unresolved should be packaged and be discussed altogether. This should be explained also to the UN. If not, then the Turkish side should prepare a package and put it on the negotiating table.”

Criticising the statements made by both sides regarding the issue of guarantees, Talat warned: “They tell us that the UN Security Council will be the guarantor. This would turn us into [another] Syria. They say that the Security Council or the EU will be the guarantor. All this cannot be accepted by the Turkish Cypriots. It would be better to abolish all guarantees than have the Security Council as a guarantor. If the Security Council becomes the guarantor, we will become [like] Syria. Currently, the five Permanent Members of the Security Council, except China, are engaged in a war in Syria. This is out of question. It is also out of question for the Security Council to participate in a multi-conference. Of course, it is the UN that will have the final say”, said Talat.

Referring to the issue of Guzelyurt/Morfou, Talat said that the Greek Cypriots would not be satisfied if Morfou is not returned to them, and this fact needs to be accepted by the Turkish Cypriots. “The return of Morfou was included in the Annan Plan … the Annan plan also included the rotating presidency and guarantees. If you want to make rules based on the Annan plan, you should not avoid making rules on other issues as well”, Talat stated. He went on to say that former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali’s proposals also included Morphou.

“Morfou is a psychological issue for the Greek Cypriots”, he concluded.


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