Withdraw ‘Barbaros’ – get back to the talks

Chairman of the United Cyprus Party (BKP) Izzet Izcan, issued a written statement yesterday, calling for Ankara to cancel its NAVTEX and withdraw its seismic survey vessel ‘Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa’ and for President Nicos Anastasiades to return to the negotiating table.

Izcan criticised the Turkish Government and the Turkish Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu for the policy they followed at the negotiating table and said that they had caused the collapse of the Cyprus negotiations. “By extending the NAVTEX and denying withdrawing the vessel ‘Barbaros’, they have blown up the possibility for the resumption of the negotiation talks. The postponement of the NAVTEX and the withdrawal of Barbaros are preconditions for the resumption of the talks”.

He also emphasised the need for President Anastasiades to abandon his delaying tactics policy and return to the table, since as he had pointed out, the non-solution of the Cyprus problem works against all Cypriots on the island.

Disagreeing with the view that Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) should be part of the comprehensive solution, Izcan expressed his belief that the CBMs should be implemented in parallel to the negotiation process since, as he stated, the CBMs would ease the efforts for finding a solution.

Izcan supported further that the most important CBM that should be implemented is the simultaneous opening of Famagusta port to international trade and Ercan airport. “These would be a great benefit for all the Cypriots and will also contribute to the comprehensive solution”, he said.

Source Yeni Duzen

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