Woman Detained Following Fatal Traffic Accident

Aliye İnanoğlu
[Aliye İnanoğlu]
Saturday, 25 March 2023

A woman who was arrested in connection with a traffic accident which injured five people, one of whom died in hospital, appeared in court on Friday, Kibris Postasi reports.

Aliye İnanoğlu, a motorist involved in a collision on Karaoğlanoğlu Street in Kyrenia, was arrested following the accident in which Adem Kocabaş, a passenger in the oncoming car, died. 


A traffic police officer, giving evidence in court, stated that at around 9.25 pm on Friday evening, Ms. İnanoğlu made a reckless move in order to try and overtake vehicles in front of her, just past the Merit Hotel junction. This led to a head-on collision with a vehicle approaching on the opposite side of the road.

Traffic Accident - Kyrenia

Both drivers were injured as a result of the accident, as were Süleyman Kocabaş (21), İbrahim Kaynarca (22) and Adem Kocabaş (24) who were passengers in the oncoming vehicle.  

The officer stated that Adem Kocabaş died despite all attempts by staff at Kyrenia State Hospital to save him. The driver of the oncoming vehicle, Erdem Hondurlu, was treated at Kyrenia State Hospital.  The remaining passengers were transferred to Nicosia State Hospital.

Mr. Hondurlu was unable to appear at court because he was still in hospital for treatment.

The police officer said that statements had to be taken and traffic camera footage would be examined. He also said that there was no lighting at the accident spot.

Blood samples were taken from both drivers to test for alcohol. 

The court ordered Ms. İnanoğlu to be detained for three days.

Kibris Postasi

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