Woman Injured At Gezi Park Leaves Hospital

A woman severely injured by a gas canister in the initial Gezi Park protests in Istanbul on May 31 was discharged from hospital yesterday.

The pictures of Lobna Allami, a Turkish citizen of Palestinian origin, lying on the ground in Taksim Square after she was struck in the head created fury among protesters over police brutality.

Allami’s remained in a critical state for days and despite her recovery, the police attack has left her right side in a partially paralysed state for which she will have to undergo physiotherapy.

Her sister, Fatin, explained that the canister had also damaged the area of the brain that controls the functions of speech. “She is improving every day, but she will never be the same Lobna again,” the victim’s sister said.

Five people have died and thousands have been injured since the Gezi protests sprung up  in late May when Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality attempted to cut down trees in Taksim’s most iconic park, igniting anger in Istanbul and cities around the country.

Mustafa Ali Tombul, a 17-year-old protester who had been in a coma after also being injured in the protests by a gas canister on July 8, has recovered consciousness.

But Berkin Elvan, a 14-year-old who was wounded in the same way by a ferocious police attack as he stepped out to by bread in Istanbul’s Okmeydani neighbourhood on June 15, is still in intensive care.


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