Woman Stung by Jellyfish in Karaoğlanoğlu

North Cyprus News - Jellyfish StingsA woman showed up at a pharmacy after being stung by a jellyfish while swimming in the sea near the Merit Hotel in Karaoğlanoğlu.

The pharmacist and a member of Kyrenia council Ziya Egemen Sencer, shared a photograph of the woman’s arm, warning “Please be careful when going into the sea”.


How to Protect Yourself

Ülkümen Rodoplu, Vice President of the European Emergency Medicine Association, states that the number of jellyfish in the Mediterranean has increased and said “do not wash the stings in with fresh water, you will cause the poison to spread throughout the body”.

Rodoplu suggests that the best method for protection is to swim while wearing a T-shirt when jellyfish are likely to be present in the sea.


*The NHS website gives the following advice if you are stung by a jellyfish:

  • Get help if possible
  • Ask a lifeguard or someone with first aid training for help.
  • If help is not available:


  • Rinse the affected area with seawater (not fresh water)
  • Remove any spines from the skin using tweezers or the edge of a bank card
  • Soak the area in very warm water (as hot as can be tolerated) for at least 30 minutes – use hot flannels or towels if you cannot soak it
  • Take painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen


  • Do not use vinegar
  • Do not pee on the sting
  • Do not apply ice or a cold pack
  • Do not touch any spines with your bare hands
  • Do not cover or close the wound  [Ed.]

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