More women MPs in Parliament needed: Siber

TRNC’s President of the Assembly, Sibel Siber has said that there needs to be an increase in quotas to represent women in Parliament.

Speaking to the Turkish Cypriot Women’s Association, Mrs Siber said that Turkish Cypriots had a high level of education but there was a distinction made between males and females.

The founder and president of the association, Suheyla Kucuk (pictured above with Mrs Siber), wished Mrs Siber success in her political career and added that hopefully the women’s movement would see better days, thanks to Mrs Siber.

Mrs Siber said that in the TRNC, women only made up 8% of parliament, adding that there was a need for change and positive discrimination.

She noted that quota systems were used in developed European countries to increase the number of female MPs and pointed to Sweden’s house of representatives which had around 50% female MPs.*

Mrs Siber said she did not think it would take a long time to prove how successful women in politics can be.

“Women have the inherent ability to solve problems”, she said. Concluding that they have the ability to embrace knowledge and could contribute to the creation of a peaceful society.


* As of February 2013, 44.7 percent of the members of the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) are women 

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