Work Enabling Maronites’ Return Nearly Finished

Work on enabling Maronites to return to their villages in the TRNC is nearing completion, Finance Ministry Undersecretary and Head of the EU Coordination Office Kudret Akay has said.

The committees and the state departments in charge of preparing the ground work that will allow the Maronites to return to their properties in the North were working in full coordination and cooperation, he said.

The minister told TAK news agency that they approved of the decision taken by the European Parliament on 25 October to help fund the Maronites’ return.

We support the idea that the financing allocated for Maronites be given separately from the Financial Assistance for Turkish Cypriots, in an additional budget” he said, adding that they did not agree to that funding being controlled by the Greek Cypriots.

Akay said that the decision taken by the European Parliament showed that there was a lack of political communication between the Turkish Cypriots and the EU. Relations, therefore, needed to be improved, he said.

The minister also said that the Turkish Cypriot side’s policies regarding the Maronites had confused the Greek Cypriot Administration.

The Head of the EU Coordination Office also pointed out that some of the difficulties experienced with the Financial Assistance Programme stemmed from the Turkish Cypriot side.

At the time we did not do what we were supposed to do”, he conceded.


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