Work on Kyrenia Old Harbour Still Unfinished

Restoration of Kyrenia Old Harbour
[Restoration of Kyrenia Old Harbour – January 2023]
Sunday, 21 May 2023

Shopkeepers, restaurant owners and tourists alike are dismayed that renovations of Kyrenia old harbour are not near to completion yet, Dialog reports.

Work which began last November is ongoing and tradespeople say “At this rate, the ancient port of Kyrenia will not be able to be opened until the end of the year“.

Traders, unable to operate their businesses in the old harbour have hit out at the authorities. Tourists who arrive to see the famous harbour, which normally, is one of the main attractions in North Cyprus, have been disappointed. They also have difficulty accessing Kyrenia Castle.

Tourist boat owner Bayram Küçük said this: “Although this place is closed and we cannot do business, we do our paperwork, fulfil our insurance and state obligations, and even pay our port rent, but we have not received a penny from the state. We have also exhausted our savings and we are walking on a knife edge. I hope the authorities will hear our voice and open the port as soon as possible so that we do not miss the season”.

Kyrenia old harbour is expected to open by the end of May, however, local traders say that this now looks unlikely.

Dialog Gazetesi

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