Work Permits Critical in TRNC

Expats were informed in a meeting held at the Department of Employment that they would need a permit in order to work in the TRNC.

The meeting, involving various factions including  representatives of Government Departments and the police, was conducted to make clear that no work, either paid or voluntary could be undertaken without a work permit.

If you are volunteering to work for charity, the charity for which you work must complete all the necessary paperwork. The local authority must also give permission if the work is outdoors.

A leaflet containing information regarding the ‘Law concerning Foreigners Work Permit’  was distributed.It was suggested that some expats would enjoy contributing to community life but were currently unable to do so. There was a discussion regarding DJs about the dividing line between working professionally and simply holding a party at private premises.

Some of those attending the meeting were disappointed to discover that work permits were available for 6 months at a cost of 123TL and 135TL for 12 months .  However, once the permit was acquired the normal residency permit was then nullified. Meaning that a temporary resident permit was needed and would incur a fee and require a blood test for those under 60 years of age.

If the applicant was not resident, he/she would need to apply for a work permit from overseas. However, the employer would be required to pay for the work permit. Anyone found giving illegal employment would be fined 6,500TL. The employee may also face deportation.

Not all questions were answered and there were those who left the meeting feeling dissatisfied. It was suggested that further meetings perhaps even at Government  level could be held at a future date in order to consider making amendments to the new law which would serve both Government and residents.

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