Work to connect power grids across the island continues

Work to re-connect the electricity grids between the TRNC and South Cyprus is continuing, according to the senior director at the South Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Leonidas Paschalides.

He said there is progress on the technical work needed for the reconnection, mainly regarding infrastructure.

There will be two points of connection between the north and south electricity grids between, he added.

‘Kibris Gazetesi’ reported last week that with the electricity connection between the two sides, the Republic of Cyprus will provide electricity to the North in emergency cases, such a major power cuts.

The same report added that the new network will reduce their risks; they will have connection with electricity permanently and will guarantee the security of the electric supply.

Paschalides, in an interview with the Cyprus News Agency, also said that a short term solution regarding mobile phone connections would see phones function both when Greek Cypriots are in the TRNC and also when Turkish Cypriots are in the South.

Reliable mobile telecoms contact between the two communities on the island has been difficult for years.

Connections via land-line were established in 2003, but the call quality is often patchy

Famagusta Gazette

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