Work to Reopen Marash Continues: Ozersay

Foreign Minister Ozersay and FM Cavusoglu visit Varosha

Work to reopen the fenced-off town of Marash/Varosha continues, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay has said.

The Marash Inventory Commission has reconvened and a number of experts have been reviewing the work done and progress made by the commission, he said on Friday He emphasised the fairness of this approach.

Expert groups had begun reporting on the status of antiquities, churches, movables, power lines and buildings. Some of these issues would be discussed by the Cabinet next week, Ozersay said.

Ozersay noted that the Greek Cypriot side had made diplomatic moves towards the UN Security Council against these initiatives.

The foreign minister said that the policy to open Marash continued and that he was responsible for its implementation. The process continues to progress, he said. Although, recently, they have not been able to share information on this process with the public, work continues.

Necessary diplomatic efforts have been made to counter the Greek Cypriot side’s efforts to disrupt TRNC foreign policy by approaching the UN Security Council on this issue.

Ozersay said that a letter had been sent to the United Nations in response to the Greek Cypriot side’s letter. There had been several diplomatic meetings in New York in September about Marash. On the other hand, the ongoing lawsuit in the courts regarding Marash had concluded and a decision had been announced.

All these developments have confirmed the validity of the TRNC government’s policy on re-opening Marash.

Most importantly, we will follow a policy that does not prejudice the property rights of the former inhabitants of the town and the Foundations [Evkaf] and we will maintain an attitude that respects human rights.

Kibris Postasi

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