Workers Cross the Border to Work in the South

North Cyprus News - Crossing border on footA group of Turkish Cypriot crossed the border at the Metehan, Beyarmudu and Akyar checkpoints early this morning, to go to their workplaces in the south. A total of eight crossed the border, six to resume their work and two for health reasons.

All members of the group expressed their sadness at having to leave their families behind. Having signed a document that stipulated that if they returned, they would remain in quarantine for 14 days, they took the decision to remain in the south until the TRNC government opens the border checkpoints.

The workers, two of whom were lorry drivers, one a carpenter, the other worked on a building site, said that they would be temporarily housed by their employers. Arrangements by an action support group have been made to provide the other workers with accommodation.

Having been unable to work since 15 March, they felt obliged, for the sake of supporting their families, to remain in the south until the borders reopen. Some Turkish Cypriots have already lost their jobs as they have been unable to cross to the south. The Greek Cypriots reopened their side of the border on June 8, as was agreed by the two Cypriot community leaders.

Around 30 Turkish Cypriots have applied to cross to the south to resume work.

Demonstrations have been held in front of the parliament building by the 1,500 Turkish Cypriots who normally work in the south, demanding that the borders be reopened. 

Currently the date given by the government for the reopening of the border checkpoints is 1 July.

Health Minister Ali Pilli said that the south had to be free of cases of Covid-19 for 14 consecutive days. Three new cases of the virus were reported in the south, yesterday.

Yeniduzen, LGC News, Kibris Postasi

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