Worker’s Death by Electrocution Was Avoidable

North Cyprus News - Billboard - 2President of the Cyprus Turkish Electrical Contractors Association, Bora Karaçam, claimed that the death of a worker, Meles Haileu (28), by electrocution yesterday was caused by the failure of the billboards being erected in accordance with the rules, Kibris Postasi reported. 

Karaçam made a written statement noting that a person died yesterday as a result of accidentally touching the medium voltage overhead power cable while repairing the billboard on the Nicosia-Kyrenia road. 

He said, “Ignorance of the rules and lack of control has caused this accident.

Noting that the billboard should be no less than three metres away from an overhead power cable, as per  the regulations, Karaçam said, “It is clearly seen that the sign at the place where the incident occurred is too close just below the overhead line and does not comply with this rule. Especially on the road where the incident took place, there are many signs like this one. The concerned parties should act immediately to inspect this rule immediately and change the location of such inappropriate signs.

Kibris Postasi

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