Yeni Erenköy Homes Flooded After Heavy Downpour

North Cyprus News - Flooded house - KarpzHeavy rain has caused flooding in many homes in the Yeni Erenköy region and some roads have become impassable, the local mayor has said.

This morning, between 5.5-6 cm of rain fell in the space of two hours, he said.

Yeni Erenköy Mayor Emrah Yeşilırmak, said that the council is working on clearing rainwater gullies and roads which have been covered in debris deposited by the floodwater.

Yeşilırmak said  “There are many flooded houses, we are trying to catch up“.

Municipal, civil defence and fire brigade teams are working in the region with the support of local citizens using tractors and work vehicles, the mayor said.


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