Young Turkish Cypriot gains first class honours degree in Medical Genetics

A gifted young Cypriot scientist has earned recognition for her research on reproductive genetics.

Hayriye Ozkoc, proudly received her impressive First Class Honours Medical Genetics degree at the Swansea University Summer Degree and Award Congregations on Monday 24 July.

Hayriye, from Northern Cyprus, has been an exceptionally gifted student and has excelled in her chosen degree of Medical Genetics. She has achieved a very high First Class mark and has been awarded the Graduates Prize in Genetics.

Throughout her three years at Swansea Hayriye achieved First Class marks in all but three of her modules. This academic success was also recognised by her home country of Northern Cyprus and she was awarded a scholarship in her second year of study. This is all the more impressive considering Hayriye is only 20 years old – younger than most of her peers! Her tutor Dr Claire Morgan said that Hayriye is hard working, passionate, polite and enthusiastic, and been an absolute pleasure to teach.

Hayriye also showed a great deal of initiative to develop her undergraduate research project within the Medical School’s Reproductive Biology and Gynaecological Oncology group at the Centre for NanoHealth. She was a dedicated, independent, very focused and gifted student working on a new subject. The quality of her laboratory and written work was excellent and it has been recommended that she should pursue further postgraduate studies. Her project supervisor Dr Deya Gonzalez commented that she is one of the very best project students she has hosted in her laboratory.

Hayriye said: “Coming to Swansea from Cyprus was a completely new experience for me. The people at the University and my fellow students have been very supportive and made me feel at home. I was delighted to be encouraged to work on a completely new subject for my project. The Medical School’s Reproductive Biology and Gynaecological Oncology group have helped enormously with my studies. I hope to continue my studies and to specialise in Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis research”.

Swansea University Press Release

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