Youth platform does not oppose Turkey

Umut Oksuz, speaking on behalf of the “We reject” platform, said that there is a mistaken perception by the community regarding the members of the youth platform.

He clarified that they are not opposed to Turkey. The aim of the platform is to point out that some chapters which are included in the agreement for establishing the youth coordination office with Turkey, are contrary to the constitution and should be amended.

He stressed that they are not against of the opening of the office. He further said that the aid that will be given to the country and to the youth will be beneficial for the whole community, adding that the best example of this, is the EU support office, which operates in the TRNC.

Oksuz noted that the members of the platform represent the full political spectrum, from left to right. He also announced that the platform “We reject” will stage a march to the presidency and parliament.

Kibris Gazetesi

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