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North Cyprus News - Ambulance

Pedestrian Seriously Injured in Traffic Accident

Thursday, 23 March 2023 A careless driver was arrested after he struck a pedestrian who was crossing a road in Famagusta, Yeniduzen reports. The driver, Recep Keser (58) was driving along İsmet İnönü Boulevard in Famagusta while under the influence of 209 mg/100ml of alcohol at around 6.45 pm on Wednesday evening. Cumali Acar (43), who was crossing the road, was seriously injured after being struck by the car driven by Mr Keser. He was taken to Famagusta State Hospital where he remains for treatment. The driver, Recep Keser, was

North Cyprus News - Dust Storm over Cyprus

Dust in Atmosphere Met Office Warns

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 Dust particles in the air will be blown over from North Africa, the Met Office has warned, Kibris Postasi reports. Particles of dust will arrive from noon today and continue to be present in the atmosphere until Saturday evening. Those sensitive to dust in the atmosphere are advised to take precautions. Kibris Postasi

Turkey - earthquake

Turkey Demands Extradition of Building Contractor From TRNC

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 An arrest warrant was issued by the Hatay 2nd Criminal Court of Peace for Hikmet Günsay, a building contractor, who built a number of now destroyed buildings in Antakya in Hatay, Kibris Postasi reports.  The Turkish Ministry of Justice’s General Directorate of Foreign Relations and European Union has requested the extradition of Hikmet Günsay from North Cyprus, following the devastating earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaraş on February 6. Kibris Postasi

North Cyprus News - Turkish Lira

Latest Lira Trading Prices

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 The euro, which was bought at 20.39 TL when the markets opened, was sold at 20.43 TL. The selling price of sterling, which was bought from 23.33 TL, was sold at 23.37 TL. The US dollar was purchased at 19.01 TL and sold at 19.05 TL. Kibris Postasi

Fifty Nigerian students arrests in Hamitkoy

Fifty Nigerians Arrested As Apartment Becomes Nightclub

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 It has been reported that 50 Nigerian nationals have been arrested by the North Cyprus police over alleged prostitution and drug trafficking in the Hamitköy region of Lefkosa, Within Nigeria reports. According to the report 50 Nigerians were arrested by police special forces while in a three-bedroom apartment which was supposedly occupied by three Nigerian women. Reportedly, neighbours who had warned the police about ‘prostitution and drugs’ said that they had been unable to sleep for months as a result of noise that emanated from the

Young people

Survey Shows 57 Percent of Young People Want to Emigrate

Monday, 20 March 2023 A study financed by the EU has shown that 57.3 percent of young people interviewed in North Cyprus are considering emigrating, Yeniduzen reports. The study entitled “Are We Helpless?” organised by Statica and prepared by the Grow Civic Programme, interviewed 302 young people aged between 18-30 to test the current mood of young people living in North Cyprus. Interviewed about their thoughts on the current economic, social and political situation, they were asked about their confidence in the state system. It was found that 57.3 percent

North Cyprus News - Metehan

Garage Owners Complain About Cheaper Fuel in TRNC

Sunday, 19 March 2023 Some petrol stations in the south are likely to close because many motorists in the south are crossing the border to buy fuel in the TRNC, Kibris Postasi reports. According to Greek Cypriot daily Alithia, petrol stations in the south cannot cope with the competition because fuel is between 30-40 cents per litre cheaper in the north. The worst affected stations are those close to the border checkpoint in south Nicosia  Several months ago, the Union of Petrol Station Owners in the south filed a complaint

North Cyprus News - Roads - Flooded - Famagusta

Heavy Rainfall to Continue Until Monday

Saturday, 18 March 2023 Heavy rains have caused flooding on some roads, while the Met Office has said that rainfall will continue throughout the weekend and into Monday, Yeniduzen reports. From Tuesday onwards, the skies will clear and remain partly cloudy for the remainder of the week. Temperatures will be around 18-21 C inland and on the coast. Winds will be moderate and occasionally strong from the north and west.  Winds will be stormy in places on Sunday. Yeniduzen

North Cyprus News - Man Arrested

Five Grave Robbers Arrested

  Saturday, 18 March 2023 Five people were arrested and appeared in court on Friday after they were discovered trying to open the ancient Lambousa Kings Tombs in Lapta, Yeniduzen reports. According to a police officer, they were arrested on March 13 at around 10pm while they were using an explosive device to open the tomb. The home of one of the individuals was searched by police who found four pieces of antique coins, believed to be ancient artefacts. In addition, gunpowder, illegal explosives and a metal detector were seized