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Protesters at Assembly

Protestors Demonstrate at The Assembly

Monday, 23 January 2023 Protesters interrupted a speech being given at the Assembly by Minister of Public Works and Transport Unal Ustel, Kibris Postasi reports. The protesters unfurled a banner demanding that Ahmet Ünsal be dismissed from his post as Head of Religious Affairs after he lectured young women at a mosque on their duties, their position in society and their obligations in marriage. The text of his speech led to the indignation of many women, MPs and union leaders for its retrogressive and anti-feminist themes. The writing on the

Örge Soğukpınar

Driver Jailed For Six Years For Two Road Deaths

Monday, 23 January 2023 A man charged with causing the deaths of two pedestrians in a road traffic accident has been sentenced to six years imprisonment, Yeniduzen reports. The two pedestrians, Siful Islam and Ripon Ali were crossing the main road when they were struck by a vehicle driven by Örge Soğukpınar in front of a night club on the Nicosia – Güzelyurt main road last February. The driver fled the scene of the accident. Both men who were seriously injured were taken to Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital in

Ro-Ro Ferry

Ro-Ro Ferry Purchased For Kyrenia-Mersin Trips

Sunday, 22 January 2023 The TRNC government has reportedly purchased a Ro-Ro [roll on- roll off] ferry that will sail between Kyrenia and Mersin, Star Turkey reports. The operation of Ro-Ro ferries to Kyrenia was temporarily suspended, and now Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works and Transport, Erhan Arıklı, has reactivated the state-owned Maritime Enterprises Company.  Minister Arıklı told Anadolu Agency (AA) that maritime transport and trade are important for the island country, the TRNC, and that the government has recently taken action to revive, encourage and diversify

Jetty of former copper mine - Lefke

Are Mining Activities to be Resumed in Lefke?

  Sunday, 22 January 2023 A “Protocol on Studies to be Carried out in the Field of Earth Sciences and Mining” was signed between the Republic of Turkey Ministry’s General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration and the TRNC Deputy Prime Ministry, Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment, Yeniduzen reports. The protocol was said to have been prepared at the request of the TRNC Ministry of Environment for “scientific research in the field of mining“, Yeniduzen asks if the aim is to resume mining in Lefke. Undersecretary of the

Queues at Alpet -Petrol - Station

Drivers Flock to Alpet Stations as K-Pet Out of Fuel

Saturday, 21 January 202 Motorists have flocked to Alpet fuel stations to buy unleaded fuel after six K-Pet stations ran out of fuel and were only selling Euro Diesel and paraffin, Yeniduzen reports. General Manager of K-Pet General Manager Malik İşimtekin, told Yeniduzen yesterday that a fuel ship had arrived at the island and was unloading and predicted that fuelling could begin as of midnight. He said that the reason the fuel deliveries had been delayed was because of serious storm conditions in the Aegean which had lasted all week.

North Cyprus News - Petrol - refuelling car

Fuel Prices Increased

Saturday, 21 January 2023 The cost of all fuel prices increased at midnight on Thursday, BRT reported. According to the Ministry of Economy and Energy, 95 octane unleaded petrol will be sold at 20.16 TL per litre, 98 octane unleaded at 20.47 TL, Euro Diesel and paraffin at 21.96 TL per litre. BRTK

Mustafa Kenan Sivri - Perihan Ulas

Two Arrested on Charges of Human Smuggling

Saturday, 21 January 202 A man and a woman were arrested by police charged and with helping illegal immigrants and refugees to enter the country, Kibris Postasi reports. Mustafa Kenan Sivri and Perihan Ulas, are accused of aiding illegals entering the country at Vogue Beach in Catalkoy. Those entering the country were 40 Syrian refugees, among whom, were 10 children including two infants. Chief Investigating Officer Ömer Yavuz, stated that during the operation carried out by the police teams in front of Şençağ Market, located between Çatalköy and Esentepe, irregular

North Cyprus News - Building Site (2)

Workman Falls Off Scaffolding on Building Site

Saturday, 21 January 202 A workman was injured after falling 5 metres at a building site near the Karaağaç road junction, Kibris Postasi reports. According to the Police Press Officer, Ahmet İri (58) was working on a construction when he lost his balance while standing on scaffolding yesterday morning. He was first taken to Dr Akçiçek Hospital in Kyrenia for treatment and then transferred to Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital in Nicosia. A police investigation into the accident continues. Kibris Postasi


Flu And Chest Infections Widespread This Year

Saturday, 21 January 202 A doctor of paediatric medicine has warned that cases of influenza and respiratory tract infection are spreading and private hospitals in Famagusta are having to send patients home because of bed shortages, Yeniduzen reports. Child Care specialist Dr Umut Altunç said that the disease can progress severely, especially in children in the at risk group, Altunç pointed out that infections are wide-spread, especially in beta streptococcal infections and RSV infections (respiratory tract infections). “There are countless cases of influenza. Cases come one after another from schools