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North Cyprus News - Petrol - refuelling car

Fuel Prices Increased

Friday, 9 June 2023   Fuel prices have been increased, Kibris Postasi reports. The cost per litre of 95 octane petrol increased from 20.55 TL

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Mustafa Özkan Altaykan - arrested

Court Releases Lapta Shooter on Bail

Wednesday, 7 June 2023   A man who was arrested for shooting his neighbour in the stomach who had complained that his dogs were attacking his cats, has been released on bail by the court pending trial. The suspect Mustafa Özkan Altaykan, who was arrested in Lapta and charged with causing  ‘Severe Injury’ and ‘Using Explosive Substances’, was brought before the court on Tuesday.  Testifying in court, police sergeant Hüseyin Mediabulucu, stated that on 2 June at 6.30 pm, Altaykan shot his neighbour, Colin Doran with a Webley Stingray 2 air

North Cyprus News - Turkish Lira

Turkey to Lend 9.5 Billion Lira to North Cyprus

Turkey is to lend a total of 9.5 billion Turkish Lira to the TRNC, Yeniduzen reports. According to Yeniduzen, 6.4 billion Turkish Lira will be a grant in order to “carry out reform actions and reduce the local budget deficit” to North Cyprus in 2023. According to the international agreement published in today’s issue of Turkey’s Official Gazette, 3.89 billion Turkish Lira of the 6.4 billion TL grant-qualified loan is for infrastructure and real sector projects, 2.3 billion is for defence appropriations and 200.1 million Turkish Lira for operations. Of

Evkaf feed stray animals

Evkaf Volunteers Feed Stray Animals

Food and water is being left by Evkaf volunteers in special containers that can be accessed by stray animals in the Bosphorous region of Kyrenia, Kibris Postasi reports. This is in addition to the charitable work carried out by the Evkaf for the last 452 years, Kibris Postasi writes. And is in line with the spirit of the Evkaf foundation which was established for charitable purposes centuries ago. Kibris Postasi

North Cyprus News - Fire

Fire Department Reminders For Fire Prevention

Tuesday, 6 June 2023   The Fire Department has issued a reminder that it is not permitted to light fires for any reason between 1 May and 31 October, Yeniduzen reports. The Fire Service went on to say that it only takes a spark to ignite dried vegetation, so if using welding tools or similar, it is necessary to keep the work area clear of dried grass and other inflammable material. Additionally, a fire extinguisher should be kept in the workplace and at home. For cultivated land and forestry, a strip

North Cyprus Accident - Nicosia-Guzelyurt Main Road

Twenty Deaths From Traffic Accidents in First Five Months

Monday, 5 June 2023   There were 20 fatal road traffic accidents in the first five months of 2023, virtually the same toll as last year, Kibris Postasi reports. These deaths include eight pedestrians, five vehicle drivers, five passengers, one bicyclist and a motorcycle rider. Nine of those accidents were caused by excessive speeding, six of them by drunk driving, three by careless driving, one from making a sudden turn to the right, and one from not keeping to the left side of the road. Traffic Director of the General Directorate

North Cyprus News - Ambulance

Four Injured in Drunk Driving Incident

Monday, 5 June 2023   Four people were injured, two of them seriously, in an alcohol-related traffic accident in the early hours of this morning, Yeniduzen reports. The accident occurred on the Nicosia – Güzelyurt main road, at around 1am this morning, when Berk Sicimoğlu (22), who had 186 milligrams of alcohol in his system, lost control of his vehicle at the Agillar roundabout. His car struck the kerb and rolled over. He and his three passengers were injured in the accident. They were all taken to Nicosia State Hospital where

Flamingos - Kukla Wetland

Work to Improve Wildlife Habitat Begins

Sunday, 4 June 2023   Work is underway to protect and improve the Köprü (Kukla) Wetlands located in the Mesarya plains, Kibris Postasi reports. The wetland has the richest biodiversity on the island and part of the project aims to increase water capacity of the pond. This will provide more water for agriculture and protect wildlife habitats. The pond needs to be dredged, however, this is not part of the project and they look to the state to undertake this task. Beyarmudu Mayor Bülent Bebek told the TAK news agency that


Police Arrest People Attending Cockfight

Sunday, 4 June 2023   A police raid of a building in Haspolat led to 48 people being charged with contravening the animal welfare law, Yeniduzen reports. The incident took place on Friday evening when police arrested those who were present at an illegal cockfight. Yeniduzen

Mustafa Özkan Altaykan - arrested

Man Shot by Neighbour For Complaining About Dogs

Saturday, 3 June 2023   A man was taken to Nicosia State Hospital after being shot in the stomach by his neighbour, Kibris Postasi reports. The injured man, Lapta resident Colin Peter Doran, was shot after he complained to his neighbour Mustafa Özkan Altaykan, that his dogs were attacking his cats. Altaykan, who was arrested and charged with “Severe Injury and Use of Explosives” was brought before the court. Police searching his house discovered boxes of air rifle pellets, which were confiscated and kept as evidence. The judge ordered that Altaykan