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Ömer Tunc - Veysel Sare and Musa Çiçek

Suspects Charged With Casino Boss Murder Appear At Kyrenia Court

Thursday, 21 September 2023 Three men charged with the murder of Kyrenia casino owner Halil Falyalı and his driver Murat Demirtaş in Çatalköy on 8 February, 2022, appeared before Kyrenia Criminal Court, Kibris Postasi reports. The defendants Ömer Tunç, Veysel Sare and Musa Çiçek, who were accused of 17 separate crimes in court, have denied all the charges. The case was postponed to October 5, 2023 for hearings. Meanwhile, the case of Falyalı assassination suspects Veysel Sare and Musa Çiçek, who were brought before the judge on the charge of

North Cyprus News - Ambulance

Two Injured Following Collision With Lorry

Thursday, 21 September 2023 Two people were injured, one seriously, when a salon car collided with a cement mixing lorry on the Kyrenia-Çatalköy road at around 6.30 pm on Wednesday, Yeniduzen reports. The driver of the saloon car Murat Kutulu (48), joined the main road without due care and was struck by the lorry being driven by Bereket Yilmaz (36), who was driving at speed towards Değirmenlik. The driver of the saloon car and his passenger Sezgin Kojak (46) were taken to Kyrenia State Hospital. The driver, Murat Kutulu, who

Body of Muhammed Avci - found in car park

Police Investigate Suspicious Death of Young Man

  Wednesday, 20 September 2023 The body of a young man was found in a car park serving an apartment block in Nicosia yesterday, Kibris Postasi reports. A postmortem on the body of 23-year-old Muhammed Bedi Avci determined that the cause of death was “falling from a height, internal organ injuries, bilateral hemopneumothorax and internal bleeding“. Three people were arrested in connection with his death, AA aged 54, HA aged 48 and HSA aged 17. The police are continuing their investigation into the circumstances surrounding Avci’s death. Kibris Postasi

Cyprus News - Coronavirus

Decisions on New Covid Outbreak Announced

Wednesday, 20 September 2023 The Supreme Committee on Infectious Diseases, which convened following the increase in Covid-19 cases across the country, has produced a series of decisions regarding protecting the vulnerable against this disease, Yeniduzen reports. People in the at risk group are asked to test and consult their doctors in order to receive their treatment as soon as possible. It was also emphasised that indoor areas should be ventilated frequently. The decisions published in the Official Gazette are as follows: People with upper respiratory tract complaints should wear masks.

President Erdogan - UN General Assembly

Erdogan Repeats His Call to Recognise TRNC

Wednesday, 20 September 2023 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has, once again, called on the international community to recognise the TRNC, Yeniduzen reports. While addressing the UN General Assembly being held in New York, President Erdoğan said that transforming the eastern Mediterranean into a peaceful region where prosperity and stability will prevail, will only be possible if all parties respect each other’s rights and laws.  Erdoğan said: “We do not have eyes on anyone else’s rights, and we have not and will not allow anyone else to ignore our rights.

North Cyprus News - Woman - Violence

Poverty Leading to More Violence And Crime

Tuesday, 19 September 2023 There has been an increase in violence, in particular against women and in the crime rate in general, largely because of the current economic situation, Kibris Postasi reports. The President of the Bar Association Human Rights Committee Aslı Murat said that “There are many reasons for violence and increasing crime rates in general.  “Especially the current economic devastation, ever-deepening poverty, lack of control and supervision of the population in the country, and the fact that public services, from education to health and social services, have almost

North Cyprus News - Petrol - refuelling car

Ten Fuel Price Hikes in Two Months

Monday, 18 September 2023 The cost of fuel has increased ten times in they last two months, Yeniduzen reports. The newspaper reflected the outrage and sense of hopelessness felt by local citizens on average salaries who say that their earnings only cover the cost fuel. The cost of living is indexed to foreign currencies and the devalued Turkish Lira is reflected in the endless rise in the cost of living. One individual described the cost of fuel as “Official robbery”, while another stated that they were doing everything in their

Kyrenia Harbour - New parquet paving

Kyrenia Harbour Renovations to Complete End of September

Monday, 18 September 2023 Restoration and renovation of Kyrenia old harbour is in its final phase, Kibris Gazetesi reports. According to the director of Tosunoğlu Construction, Cenk Tosunoğlu, 2,000 square metres of parquet paving has been laid and the remaining 6-7,000 square metres will be completed by the end of September.  The restoration of Kyrenia old harbour began on 1 December, 2022 with the aim of completion in June of this year, however there were a number of disruptions. This has led to the harbour not being open during the

North Cyprus News - Ambulance

Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in Traffic Accident

Sunday, 17 September 2023 A motorcyclist was seriously injured and one person was arrested following a traffic accident that occurred on the Kyrenia – Alsancak ring road this afternoon, Yeniduzen reports.  According to the Police Press Office, the accident occurred today at around 14.50 on the Kyrenia – Alsancak ring road.  Kübra Yıldız, (26), who was heading towards Alsancak, lost control of the steering wheel near the Karaman (Karmi) roundabout and hit the steel barriers separating the central reservation, then swerved uncontrollably to the left of the road and hit